Heating System

Heating System (Furnace or Boiler)

If you’ve been staring with concern at your energy bill wondering where all that cost came from, it’s probably time to think about replacing your furnace or boiler. Replacing your heating and cooling system is a big financial investment in your home, and it’s something you will rely on to keep your home comfortable and liveable for years to come.High-efficiency furnaces are quiet, reliable, powerful, and affordable and can save you up to 45% of your fuel bill compared to low and Mid-efficient heating systems.


Furnace fuel efficiency ratings

The measurement for furnace fuel efficiency is called an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The more efficient your furnace, the more heat you will get per unit of fuel. Any furnace with an efficiency of 90% or higher is considered high-efficiency.AFUE ratings run from the 80 percent minimum to 98.5 percent. This is the ratio of the furnace’s annual fuel that is converted into usable heat. In other words, the highest-performing model converts 98.5 percent of its fuel into heat. A furnace with an AFUE of 80 turns 80% of its fuel into heat, while wasting about 20% of its fuel through either air leaks, inefficient burners or a less-advanced design. On the other hand, a furnace with an AFUE of 96 converts 96% of the gas or it consumes into useable warmth.

Heating System

High Efficiency Furnace benefits:

  • Longer lifespanHigh-efficiency furnaces have a built-in system that removes moisture inside the heat exchanger and they are built to withstand chemical buildup thereby elongating the life of the equipment. They also have a more economical on-and-off cycling program so they last longer, as long as they’re properly maintained.
  • Significant gas savingA more efficient heating system can help lower monthly energy bills by using less energy to keep a home warm through the colder months. You can be looking at savings up to 30% and the furnace will pay for itself after a few years.
  • Improved Home ComfortHigh efficiency furnaces also contain variable-speed blower motors which can adjust airflow to meet the real-time heating needs of your home and your heat will be uniform throughout your home. While your home will be more comfortable, you’ll also be breathing healthier air.
  • More Environmentally friendlyWhen it come to the environment, carbon impact is key. By using one-third of the fuel your old furnace did, high-efficiency models have lower carbon dioxide emissions and help conserve natural resources.
  • You can get RebateIn addition, energy savings, investing in a high-efficient furnace also makes you eligible for $750.00 Enbridge and Union Gas rebates


Buying new furnace or boiler

If you are in the replacement market, make sure you look into your condensing furnace options. When buying new furnace always look for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) score to get the best heat delivery and lowest energy costs for your home. The higher the score, the more efficient the furnace–and the lower your utility bills..

Furnace Rebate


For replacing a less than 96% AFUE natural gas furnace with a 96% AFUE or higher condensing natural gas furnace
Boiler Rebate


For replacing a less than 90% AFUE natural gas boiler with a 90% AFUE or higher condensing natural gas boiler


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