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Canada EnerExpert can be an all in one solution to your house upgrades needs and energy assessment. Instead of dealing with different contractors that might not even communicate, our energy advisors can handle the entire process, including both home inspections and energy ratings, leading to better solutions, more cohesive planning, and a singular view of the problems at hand that can be an invaluable skill when assessing problems. We have the experience to do the job properly, and also have the knowledge and expertise to do it properly and in unison with other needed renovations or work.In addition, we help the home owners to receive up to $5000 rebate for upgrades in your house like furnace, boiler, attic insulation, wall insulation, hot water system, and windows & doors.



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Who is an Energy Advisor?

Energy Advisors are professional consultants who are licensed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver NRCan’s EnerGuide Rating System (ERS), ENERGY STAR® for houses. The Energy Advisor provides expert guidance and recommendations to homeowners who are interested in improving their home energy efficiency and comfortability. As well, an Energy Advisor would work with a builder who wishes to integrate the EnerGuide Rating System into new construction.

Certified Energy Advisors have studied NRCan principles and procedures, and have successfully passed various qualifying exams. They are fully knowledgeable with the rules and regulations of the EnerGuide Rating System and are specialized in following areas:

  • Energy efficiency when renovating and retrofitting
  • Construction materials
  • HVAC systems – heating system, air conditioning, ventilation
  • Building science, insulation science (wall & attic)

A primary focus for Energy Advisors is rating the energy efficiency of a home and help to make the house more energy efficient and comfortable. Through comprehensive inspection and audit, a number of quantifiers are assessed by energy advisors including air leakage; HVAC efficiency, performance of attic and wall insulation; natural and mechanical air ventilation. Inspection results are formulated in a comprehensive report, which is Energy Rating. Energy assessment reports will make recommendations on how to improve the homes consumption of energy, and an evaluation on how well the home is insulated and sealed.

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Contact us to schedule your house energy assessment by our energy advisor before you start any work or replace equipment

Receive your rebate

Step 3

Energy advisor will complete and submit all paperwork. You will receive the rebate cheque from Enbridge by mail.

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Complete eligible upgrades in your house within 120 days., then contact your energy advisor to schedule post energy audit.


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we help you to receive up to $5000 rebate for upgrades in your house like furnace, boiler, attic insulation, wall insulation, hot water system, and windows & doors.