Air Sealing

Air Sealing

A leaky house causes higher energy bills, uncomfortable house, and allows excess moisture and contaminants to enter the home. Air leakage account for 25-30% of energy waste when heating and cooling a building. The places where air leaks into a house are often hidden from view and hard to find. There are lots of places in the attic where heated and cooled air can escape your home, and as a result increase your energy usage and your bill and make your house uncomfortable, so it’s important to address each one.

Air sealing a house increases your comfort by reducing the drafts in a house. You will lower energy bills automatically by air sealing and caulking due to the fact that there should be less leaks in and out of the house.


Three high-quality materials are used to air seal a home

  • High-quality acrylic-latex caulk.
  • Fire-rated caulk
  • Expandable polyurethane foam for the larger gaps.
Air Sealing


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