Attic insulation

Attic insulation

Insulation is an essential part of any home. Insulation helps to stabilize the temperature inside of your home so that it’s not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter.
Because attic is located at the top of the house, it is most exposed to and affected by the constantly changing conditions, especially in a cold area. Attic is where the most amount of heat and cold is lost and gained. This is why homeowners should consider their attics as the topmost priority when thinking about upgrading their homes to be more energy efficient and comfortable.The attic is designed to provide a protective barrier for your home from cold, heat and humidity but in order for your attic to do its job it must be properly insulated. If your attic is not insulated or insulation is not enough, it could compromise your home’s safety, efficiency and comfort.


Attic insulation
Attic insulation
Attic insulation

If you always feel cold in the house or in some areas and you think that heat is escaping your home and you can’t identify how or where, most likely your attic is playing a role and there is not enough insulation. A temperature difference of 10 to 15 degrees between floors in your home is a sure sign that your home has too little insulation. So, one of the best investments you can make in your home is to have your attic insulated.



Insulation Benefits

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The Benefits of Insulating Attic

  • Energy-EfficiencyOne of the greatest benefits of adding insulation to your attic is that this can greatly increase your home's energy-efficiency by preventing the hot and cold air outside from penetrating your home.
  • Lower utility billsHeating and cooling account for 50 to 70 percent of the energy used in the average Canadian home. And if your home is uninsulated or under-insulated, you’ll spend extra money trying to maintain comfortable temperatures. Attic insulation can significantly lower your energy bills because you cut the cost of heating and cooling your house.
  • Safer homeInsulating the attic can prevent gradual damage to your home, caused by heat and moisture. Mold formation and ice damming are the most common problems due to improper insulation. Without proper insulation and ventilation, warm moist air that goes up into the attic gets trapped inside and causing mold growth, ice dams, condensation behind drywall, or other problems.
  • Expansion of Older homes tend to be drafty, and poor insulation can cause your heating and cooling systems to work overtime to maintain an even temperature. If air is escaping through your attic, your HVAC system has to work longer to heat or cool your home, using more energy. Having proper attic insulation will assist in keeping the air in the home and stop your heating and cooling system from working continuously and as a result prolong their lifespan.
  • Comfortable HouseHomes that are equipped with modern heating and cooling systems can cause severe temperature fluctuations when under-insulated. Most bedrooms in Canada homes are located on upper floors, so adding insulation is a great way to ensure comfort at night and in the early morning, when temperatures are at their lowest.
  • Indoor Air QualityA properly insulated attic can prevent pollutants, pollens, and airborne toxins from entering and spreading throughout your home which can happen due to air leaks caused by poor insulation from entering, which can significantly increase the air quality in your home.

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Smart Decision

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A Smart Decision

Adding attic insulation is a quick and economic way for homeowners to not only save money every month by lowering their energy bills but also make the house more comfortable and energy efficient.
How much insulation do you currently have? A home energy audit can help get you started.



Attic Insulation Rebate


• Increase attic insulation to at least R60 from R35 or less

• Increase cathedral/flat roof insulation by at least R14