Buyers Home Inspection

Home inspection is designed to help buyers make informed decisions about their home purchase, ensuring that the physical condition of the house is in good condition.
One of the most expensive and important purchases you will ever make will be your home. However, unlike the guarantee a buyer receives with most purchases, there is no money-back guarantee or return policy if you are not satisfied with your recently purchased home. Once you buy a home, you are responsible to maintain and repair it even the problem existed before you bought the house.
This is why it is best to know as much as you can about potential problems before you buy a house. These days it is all about minimizing risk and prevent unforeseen and sometimes costly problems that could have been caught by our home inspector. For these reasons, we suggest all buyers hire a home inspector before they sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
A certified home inspector will assess exterior and interior of your house. They will go through the house and perform a complete visual inspection to evaluate its condition and all of its and component problems. They will determine the components that are not performing properly as well as equipment that are beyond their useful life or are unsafe. They will also identify areas where repairs may be needed or where there may have been problems in the past.
Inspections are intended to help homebuyers better understand the condition of the house, as observed at the time of the inspection, so they have better idea of the value of the house.


Buyers Home Inspection Benefits

Provides you with a better knowledge of the house about condition of various systems and components that need for repairs, improvements and upgrades, further evaluation, and also
Alerts and inform you to any safety hazards before you buy the house
Our home inspection will reduce your risks by identifying conditions that will affect your decision to buy, renegotiate, or not to buy the property.
Get invaluable details about your potential new home

Home inspection report

House condition will be reported to you in an easy to understand manner verbal explanation and home inspection report with prioritized recommendations.
Your inspection report includes illustrated text and photos of your home. It describes the condition of your home fairly and objectively, and provide appropriate perspective.

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Sellers Home Inspection

Home inspection don’t just help home buyers, it can be beneficial when you are selling, too. Pre-listing home inspections are becoming more common because they give sellers extra control over a sale. If you have an inspection report identifying your house problems, you will speed up the selling process.
Pre-listing inspections can take away the stressful element of surprise for the homeowner. It also helps prevent offer renegotiations, extensive buyer repair requests, and the possibility of buyers walking away while already in contract.
Find the problems, get them fixed, add the cost of the repairs to the selling price, and speed up the sale. If you choose to do a pre-inspection, we suggest putting the report out on the table when buyers come through.

Pros for Having a Seller Inspection

You can make the whole sales process faster and easier for everyone involved
 Pricing the home accurately is much easier.
You find out what condition your home is in head of time before you put your house on the market if your home has a defect
 Minimize stress by knowing current condition of your home
Less likelihood of negotiation and drop the selling pricee
 You can make repairs significant defects to get full price for your home

Looking to inspect your house?

We are here to help you to inspect your house!